Dr. Cindy Howard

Dr. Cindy Howard

My interest in sports started when I was young as I grew up watching football with my dad. My background also included dancing professionally for many years and competing in powerlifting while attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology I took my skill set and decided to get kicked out of some of the finest office buildings in the City of Chicago wearing high heels rather than gym shoes as an outside sales rep. (We were taught to ignore the “no Solicitation signs”) When I realized high heels and snow don’t work well together I went back to school to get my doctorate in Chiropractic and then earned a diplomate in Internal Medicine and then one in Nutrition and a Fellowship in Medical Acupuncture. Private practice was the way to go and after 18 years I decided to also team up with NeuroSport Elite to treat Pee wee and pro athletes and those of us that fall in-between. The best athlete I work with no matter the level is the one that wants to improve their performance, their health and just their day to day energy level and desire and to improve.

I also run around the country….yes I am still wearing the heels…educating on such topics as Post Concussion Nutrition, Neuroadrenal dysfunction, Common Causes for Fatigue and How to Treat Burnout Naturally and Safely Without Performance Enhancing Drugs, Gut dysfunction and a variety of other fun things to help you be at your best.

My priorities are my three kids who double as athletes playing football, baseball, wrestling, basketball and Tae Kwon Do ( my daughter is working on her third degree black belt, she is my personal body guard). We eat gluten and dairy free and they even take their vitamin D and probiotics. We are all artists in our own ways as well so some of our free time goes to being creative.

Locally I serve on our local community football board, am the team Chiropractor for Dreamz Elite competitive cheer and serve on our school district’s Concussion Oversight Committee.

I currently reside in Chicago and travel down to South Florida each month bringing me to family and to clients who are looking to improve their game and their health! Can’t wait to see you when I am at NeuroSport Elite.