What is Fusionetics?

NeuroSport Elite takes pride in being one of a select few private practices in the world to make use of the Fusionetics Human Performance System. Numerous sports teams from the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National League Baseball, as well as college and university sports departments have been using Fusionetics to improve their athletes’ performance and decrease healing time from injuries.

Fusionetics is an evidence-based system that allows our team at NeuroSport Elite to assess our patients through a detailed evaluation that identifies inefficiencies in common movements. The results of this evaluation will allow your doctor to not only see where potential problems lie, but also to score your evaluation and create a completely customized corrective exercise program to help eliminate these inefficiencies. If you are working with a coach or trainer, we will coordinate your Fusionetics program with your trainer for optimized results.

Your customized Fusionetics program can be implemented on your schedule. Access is provided through the free Fusionetics app on your smart phone. Simple instructions are provided for each exercise. If needed, a detailed description and video of each exercise can also be provided on demand.

Whether you are a professional athlete, play at an elite level, are a weekend warrior, or trying to discover your “inner athlete”, the Fusionetics system can be a critical component of your care plan and can assist greatly in helping you achieve your goals.

For all of our patients, being able to perform their desired activities of daily living is crucial. Whether it is going for a walk, performing tasks for work, or playing with your children, being able to accomplish these every day routines in a pain-free way is something that is desired by everyone.

For the high-performing athlete, their most valuable tool is their body. Being able to use their body to play their sport is of paramount importance. Ensuring they can perform required tasks and movements with the greatest level of efficiency is key to success in their sport while also increasing longevity in their sport through faster recovery and decreased incidence of injuries.