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Treating you like a "PRO"


At NeuroSport Elite we seek to motivate and inspire all athletes..from pee-wees to live at peak performance in all areas of their lives.

Whether you are the elite athlete, the weekend warrior, or perhaps a person looking to discover their “inner athlete”, the doctors at NeuroSport Elite will work with you to customize a plan of care that will be designed to help you achieve your specific goals (Faster, Stronger, greater Accuracy, to name a few).

Our patients view their bodies like high performing sports cars and demand that the team entrusted to care for their bodies are like Ferrari mechanics, highly trained and highly specialized.

meet the dOCTORS

Dr. Spencer Baron

Dr. Spencer Baron is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (only 375 in the world).

Dr. Baron delights in being appointed to Nova University’s Team Chiropractor for their 18 different sports. He recently completed 19 years as the Team Chiropractic Physician for the NFL's, Miami Dolphins. He also began his 7 season tenure with Major League Baseball’s, Miami Marlins during their ’97 World Series, as well as, working with National Hockey’s, Florida Panther’s. Additionally, he’s treated MLB’s, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies. 

“I love my job! I work with fantastic people who use their bodies to entertain,” he says with a smile. He recounts working with the dancers of Broadway hits like CATS, Les Miserables, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar and Chicago, and the world-famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.

Dr. Baron was the first chiropractor in South Florida to be provided hospital staff privileges. He was appointed staff Chiropractic Physician to Doctor’s Hospital of Hollywood, 1992, and was then named Department Head of the Golden Glades Regional Medical Center’s Division of Chiropractic Services (1994 to 1996).

Dr. Baron obtained certification as an acupuncturist in 1985 and was later selected to do an educational exchange at the National Chinese Olympic Training Center in Beijing, China.

Dr. Baron’s completed his book, “Secrets of the Game – What superstar athletes can teach you about health, peak performance and getting results.”

Dr. Cindy Howard

Dr. Ray Tolmos

Dr. Raymond Tolmos is a graduate of the Florida State University with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the college of Human Sciences. He then obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. He is also the first and only current Diplomate Internist (DABCI) in Dade or Broward county. Dr. Tolmos is essentially a holistic doctor that incorporates comprehensive methods of western diagnosis. This way he can communicate effectively with medical doctors and co-manages patients with other specialists in the community like rheumatologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons.

Along the way to his education Dr. Tolmos was a personal trainer at the Florida State gym, L.A. Fitness, and Gold’s Gym as well. Growing up he was an avid participant in all kinds of sports. Baseball and football being his favorite and also the ultimate cause of him becoming a Chiropractor. He feels that all of these experiences to this point have helped him become a better Doctor of Chiropractic and diplomate internist.

At the age of 14, Dr. Tolmos was experiencing debilitating pain in his upper back and the base of his neck. He was having trouble sleeping and as a result his performance in both the classroom and on the field began to decrease.

He went to see a Chiropractor and it changed his life so much he has now decided to return the favor by living the Chiropractic lifestyle and trying to educate as many people as possible about the power that they have within them. He still enjoys a very active lifestyle along with running his practice and to him the best part is…. It is all medication free!

Dr. Tolmos’ vision is that Frontier Spine and Health Care can change the landscape of healthcare in the US. Providing high quality health care and focusing on predicting and preventing disease by diagnosing the underlying causes of physical, chemical, and emotional imbalances. He completed the DABCI post doctoral certification which utilizes conventional medical diagnostics, specialized functional testing, and holistic medicine diagnostic evaluations. DABCI physicians routinely  employ methods such as blood laboratory studies, urinalyses, electrocardiograms, vascular doppler ultrasound, spirometry, DEXA bone density testing, salivary assay hormonal and neurotransmitter tests, IgG food allergy testing, diagnostic imaging to include x-ray, CT, MRI, comprehensive gastrointestinal stool analysis, and many other diagnostic tools.

Diplomates in diagnosis and internal disorders use treatments such as clinical nutrition, dietetics, exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, acupuncture, natural hormone replacement, and pharmacologic counseling. The Council on Diagnosis of Internal Disorders promotes our physicians as uniquely qualified to provide this type of comprehensive natural medical care.

Dr. Jenna Brennan

Dr. mike Bagnell

Hunter Baron

Hunter Baron is our key business relations guy. Having played football as a wide receiver for St. Thomas High School, his interest in sports has always been a part of his daily routine. Hunter became enthused with healthcare in the athletic world during his early teens as his dad would bring him (and his younger bro, Heath) to the Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins training rooms to treat the athletes, coaches and support staff. Yet, all it took was one influential teacher to shift his awareness towards a passion for the business end of healthcare. Hunter’s communication skills and congenial behavior have paved the way for his ability to comfort patients, and help manage them though their healing and orientation towards better health.

My interest in sports started when I was young as I grew up watching football with my dad. My background also included dancing professionally for many years and competing in powerlifting while attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison. After graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology I took my skill set and decided to get kicked out of some of the finest office buildings in the City of Chicago wearing high heels rather than gym shoes as an outside sales rep. (We were taught to ignore the “no Solicitation signs”) When I realized high heels and snow don’t work well together I went back to school to get my doctorate in Chiropractic and then earned a diplomate in Internal Medicine and then one in Nutrition and a Fellowship in Medical Acupuncture. Private practice was the way to go and after 18 years I decided to also team up with NeuroSport Elite to treat Pee wee and pro athletes and those of us that fall in-between. The best athlete I work with no matter the level is the one that wants to improve their performance, their health and just their day to day energy level and desire and to improve. 

I also run around the country….yes I am still wearing the heels…educating on such topics as Post Concussion Nutrition, Neuroadrenal dysfunction, Common Causes for Fatigue and How to Treat Burnout Naturally and Safely Without Performance Enhancing Drugs, Gut dysfunction and a variety of other fun things to help you be at your best.My priorities are my three kids who double as athletes playing football, baseball, wrestling, basketball and Tae Kwon Do ( my daughter is working on her third degree black belt, she is my personal body guard). We eat gluten and dairy free and they even take their vitamin D and probiotics. We are all artists in our own ways as well so some of our free time goes to being creative.

Locally I serve on our local community football board, am the team Chiropractor for Dreamz Elite competitive cheer and serve on our school district’s Concussion Oversight Committee. I currently reside in Chicago and travel down to South Florida each month bringing me to family and to clients who are looking to improve their game and their health! Can’t wait to see you when I am at NeuroSport Elite. 

Dr. Michael Bagnell has maintained private clinical practice in South Florida for 27 years. He is a Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

Dr. Bagnell grew up in South Florida competing in football, soccer, and track & field. He went on to play college football and participated in Decathlon events as a Master's level athlete. He and his wife have three children and two grandchildren whom they enjoy as much as possible.

He has received post graduate training in Pediatrics and Sports Injuries. He completed additional training in Functional Medicine and Kinesiology which he employs is his evaluation of challenging health issues among his patients. 

Dr. Bagnell considers his view of health as a "Brain based approach" to a wide range of healthcare including mTBI, Post-concussion rehabilitation, Mood issues, Autoimmune cases, Movement disorders, Pediatric developmental conditions, Balance & Dizziness complications, and cognitive changes in maturing adults.

With the release of his book, "Health Detectives - Solving The Mystery of Health Through Neuroscience, Nutrigenomics, & Mechanobiology", Dr. Bagnell encourages people to Think Differently regarding causes and solutions to everyday health concerns.

Dr. Jenna Brennan grew up on the East Coast of Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida, with a bachelor’s degree in Biology- Preprofessional Studies. After this, she went on to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, graduating with Magna Cum Laude, from National University of Health Sciences in December of 2018. Dr. Jenna is a strong advocate for an integrative approach to treatment and the importance of improving the function of the musculoskeletal system to optimize patient health. She utilizes an evidenced based approach developed from her exposure in an emergency room setting, postgraduate education, along with volunteering at multiple sporting events which grew her passion for physical medicine. She combines the use of manipulation, functional soft tissue and rehabilitation techniques, along with athletic taping strategies. Personally, Dr. Jenna likes to remain as active as she can, by running, indoor cycling, yoga, weightlifting and other outdoor activities. She participated as a competitive athlete for numerous years in powerlifting and swimming which led her to understanding the sports world, injuries endured, and the treatments needed that she found within the Chiropractic profession. She’s a foodie and loves coffee so you may see her around town.  


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Wanda Vargas

Dr Jenna was very welcoming and explanatory.

Hunter was very friendly

John Nowakowski

Simply the best practice. You feel like family!

The finest most caring Dr. and staff. I recommend Dr. Baron to all my friends and associates.

David Lee

Awesome, best Chiropractor and team around S. Fla - The best

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