The Top 5 Benefits of Extremity Adjusting

Have you ever heard of extremity adjusting? If not, you are not alone. Many people know about chiropractic adjustments, but few understand extremity adjusting. Extremity adjusting involves working the joints to ease the pressure off them and restore their function. When a chiropractor performs an extremity adjustment, they carefully move the joint back to its original position. 

Unlike regular chiropractic adjustments, extremity adjusting treats the joints outside the spine, such as those in the shoulder, jaw, wrist, elbow, hand, knee, ankles, feet, and hip. Any body part that has joints can become skewed. Extremity adjusting can help move twisted joints back into their proper position. Here are the top five benefits of extremity adjusting.

Relieves Referred Pain


Referred pain is when you feel pain in a part of your body that did not sustain an injury. For example, pain in your knee could be from a hip injury. That happens a lot with joint injuries. 

When diagnosing the pain, your chiropractor will consider your medical history, current pain symptoms, and X-ray or other imaging results. The nature of your pain will determine the source of the injury. Treating the source will help ease the referred pain and other related discomforts.

Eases Strain in the Soft Tissues


Every joint in your body is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. These make up the soft tissues. A joint that is out of position can strain these soft tissues by putting unnecessary pressure on them. 

Your chiropractor can repair the injured joint by performing an extremity adjustment. That will help alleviate pain in the soft tissues and improve their strength. Extremity adjusting provides natural treatment to joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues.

Supports Body Mechanics


Extremity adjusting can improve your overall body function. Body mechanics refers to how your body moves as you perform your daily routine. How do you shift your weight when walking with a sprained ankle? You will likely put more weight on your healthy ankle to take pressure off the injured one. 

You may not consider the strain you are putting on your healthy joints by walking like that. The pressure can cause your hips to change position and put more weight on your good leg.

You are bending your spine and compromising your balance by changing your walking style. Your shoulders will shift, and your head will tilt to adjust to the new position without you knowing. That can cause other problems if the initial injury is not addressed.

Supports Holistic Healing


The example above shows how an injury in one joint can throw things out of balance. Your body is interconnected, and all the parts tie together. Thus, keeping all the interconnected parts in good shape is crucial to avoid straining the body. Allowing your chiropractor to adjust joint injuries can help restore your body's normal function.

Encourages Physical Activity


You will find extremity adjustments helpful if you are a physically active person. If your knee is weaker than other parts of your body, straining it can trigger other injuries. Getting help from a chiropractor can help keep your spine healthy and align all your extremities. That is vital so your body can work optimally.

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